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Why deal with foot and ankle pain?

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About me...

Why us...

Dr. Zada is a Board Certified Foot and Ankle specialist who was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. He has been evaluating and treating patients in the Southeast Michigan area for over 13 years. Currently, Dr. Zada holds surgical privileges at Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital. Previously, Dr Zada has held staff privileges at Beaumont Trenton, Providence Southfield and Providence Park Hospitals, as well as St. Mary's Hospital in Livonia.


Dr. Zada is currently accepting new patients and has recently opened his own practice in Canton, Michigan. He specializes in ALL types of foot and ankle problems and sees patients of all ages. 

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I've always loved helping people and wanted to join the medical field at an early age. As a patient, I've disliked so many experiences at doctor's offices and strive to improve the patient experience.  Our staff will accommodate your needs! We aim for minimal wait times and a concierge type experience, allowing patients to have direct access to the doctor.  We believe that giving patients  knowledge about their condition, helps them understand the treatment plan. Thankfully, most foot and ankle problems can be solved utilizing conservative treatments.  We exhaust all of these before pursuing with surgery. I've been so blessed to help so many people and I look forward to seeing you soon! Our office also has a state of the art, digital x-ray machine to help diagnose you properly.


Specializing in all foot and ankle conditions including...

Plantar fascitis

This is one of the most common conditions we treat, in layman's terms, "heel spurs." The ligament at the bottom of the heel pulls on the bone creating the spur. Dr. Zada has resolved this painful condition conservatively for thousands of patients. Rarely, a minimally invasive surgery is necessary for non-responsive chronic cases.


Tendinitis is a type of acute inflammation involving tendons, usually near insertion sites. We successfully treat Achilles tendinitis, Posterior Tibial, and Peroneal tendinitis, which commonly affect the foot and ankle.


Painful neuromas are caused by inflammation of a nerve at the ball of the foot. Symptoms include the sensation you are stepping on something, like a wadded up sock or stone. Numbness, tingling can also occur. Neuromas are very common and we've successfully treated and resolved this condition for thousands of patients as well.

Joint Pain
Nail  and Skin Conditions

Joint pain can involve multiple areas of the foot and ankle including the great toe joint, 2nd toe joint, midfoot, ankle and sub-talar joints. We successfully treat capsultis (inflammed joint), painful gout and other inflammatory type arthritis pain.

We successfully treat onychomycosis (thickened, ugly nails), ingrown nails, painful hard skin lesions and warts (verruca). 

At Canton Podiatry, we take care of significant and urgent foot and ankle injuries, including fractures, achilles tendon ruptures, contusions and nail/skin injuries. 

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